Using the latest software technology combined with current mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, the augmented reality concept brings a fresh breeze into the industry.

New technologies, digital media and the ubiquitous internet working of all devices promise to improve our efficiency, optimize laborious processes, and maybe even lift the ease of use to the next level. But the enormous amount of data, possibilities and decisions leads to a soaring over strain of users, and sometimes even empties into a total refusal of new applications. The industrial user is not only permanently confronted with new technologies, but also with the rapidly increasing amount of data that needs to be gathered, reviewed and edited under constant pressure of time and growing pressure to perform.

Augmented Reality with UBIK® offers a wide range of new opportunities to tackle those problems, especially in the process industry, since it allows enriching real plants with any available virtual data – and therefore creates a new, extended industrial reality. By simply aiming at an area in the plant with a mobile device, UBIK® creates the context to the objects in sight automatically. Any information, such as operational, engineering or production data, is then superimposed into the Live-Feed of the device’s camera. As a result, every user is enabled to use this data from now on, regardless of his education, skills and knowledge.

This creates immediate value for the user, but it also protects the company´s investments: the more purposeful the costly created data is used, the more efficient people will work.

Some of the salient features of UBIK® are as below:

  • Aggregates display of data from various sources (Engineering systems, SAP, Maintenance systems, Oracle...) to simplify daily work for end-user dramatically by reducing data sources.
  • Complex data is pre-filtered, based on natural behavior like looking and walking around
  • The user creates the context to the object unconsciously
  • Starting from simple basic information (ID, Description etc.), any available detail level can be retrieved by “zooming” into the data
  • Opens a complete new range of users for existing data (Technicians, Planners, Operators, Maintainers…)
  • Enables everyone to make use of valuable data
  • Simplifies daily work by reducing data sources for the end user dramatically

Benefits of UBIK®:

  • UBIK® discloses a complete new spectrum of users for plant-related data (Engineers, Planners, Operations- and Maintenance staff etc.).
  • UBIK® enables any user to leverage valuable data, fast and simple.
  • UBIK® simplifies daily work significantly, by merging multiple data sources into a single user interface.
  • UBIK® increases the value of existing data by providing it to the user just-in-time, mobile and role-based.

For more details on UBIK, please click here for Augmensys Website

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