Thermo Lux Key Benefit

THERMO LUX, when dry, creates a semi-transparent film that allows the sunlight to go through the surface. The feature to resist to heat transfer and to reflect solar radiation create a thermal insulating effect and consequently THERMO LUX improves cooling efficiency and energy saving.

Can be applied directly on the plastic tents

Thermo filter

  • Reduction of the temperature inside the greenhouse, thanks to the reflection of the IR component of solar radiations (700-1200λ).
  • It allows 60%-70% of the VISIBLE light, to pass through.
  • Longer durability of the applied product, thanks to its high resistance to weathering.
  • THERMO-FILTER is the ideal solution for the proper growth of many species of fruit, vegetables and flowers in intensive
  • cultivation in greenhouses in the U.A.E.

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