Techno Latex Key Benefit

TECNO-LATEX, if mixed with cement mortar with full hydration, improve the mechanical performances, the adherence on every kind of surface, the flexibility, the waterproofing, the resistance to thermal shock, reducing cracks and fissures. Easy to use, it creates a sealing of tiles’ grouts, both in interiors and exteriors, ensuring excellent spreadability and easy to clean.

Nano Fix Primer Key Benefit

NANOFIX is an insulating primer for interior/exterior walls, which lends an optimum binding power, alkali and water resistance favouring the adherence of the finishing products on the consolidated substrate. NANOFIX also blocks the alkalinity on new cement concrete, reduces and uniforms the absorption of the mural surface resulting in improved aesthetics.

Thermo Gum Key Benefit

  • Thermo Gum is a new technological product based on Nano, it can be applied on steel, aluminum, concrete, plastic, fiberglass, fabrics, Sandwich panels etc….
  • Thermo Gum  reflects 95% of UV rays.
  • Thermo Gum can be colored whatever color needed and still performs at 100% of isolating the surfaces. It is an isolation against water, mold and heat. Triple action.
  • Thermo Gum can lower down the surface temperature by 50% hence lowering down the ambient temperature from 6-10 degrees.
  • Thermo Gum can be washed.
  • Thermo Gum has an added value as a paint. No need to paint on top. It is used as a final coating.
  • Thermo Gum is one time application. It is a lifetime application and it is related directly to the surface lifetime.
  • Thermo Gum can be used as a value engineering to reduce the Chillers load, cabling, Dbs etc… hence reducing the maintenance cost and the electricity bill.
  • By applying Thermo Gum projects can earn LEAD Points

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