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Green Tents Concept


Thermo Gum FR Key Benefit

Suitable for the protection of tents, awnings, sunshades, made in tissue or similar materials. It diminishes the “hot-head” effect and improves summer comfort under tents. Ideal as elastomeric, acrylic water-based paint for exteriors, water-repellent, anti-algae, formulated on the basis of special nano-particles, which contribute to the protection of surfaces, to energy optimization and to increase fire-retardant properties of dry film.

  • Can be applied directly on the PVC without Primer
  • It reduces tent ambient temperature by 10 degrees
  • Fire retardant added value
  • Washable
  • It increases the strength of the PVC by double
  • It reflects 95% of visible and invisible Rays




Nano Primer Key Benefit

Suitable as anti-corrosive primer for adhesion on metal surfaces, ceramic, plastic, etc...excellent adhesion on pre-painted surfaces with solvent-based or powder enamels. Ideal if an ecological, water-dilution, non-flammable and odorless product is requested.




Thermo Metals Key Benefits

Reflection of heat generated by solar radiation (both visible and infrared)

Thermo-insulating and heat-reflective enamel, water-repellent, high protection against moulds and algae. It increases energy optimization. (it improves thermal insulation)

It solves problems linked to grain and flour silos stocked under sun heat, and products sensible to temperature ranges. It contributes, thanks to the energy saving power, to a CO2 reduction.

Ideal for the thermal insulation of metal surfaces (roofs, silos, tanks, containers) in particular climatic conditions. In industrial building employed as anti-algae, anti-corrosive enamel, thermo-insulating and heat-reflective, to optimize energy and to improve comfort in warehouses set under direct sun heat.

Triple action:

  • Anticorrosion
  • Surface heat reduction by 50%
  • Water resistant




Oxifer Key Benifits

OXIFER is a water-based, non-toxic rust converter. It is ecological, odourless and uninflammable. It ensures active protection against corrosion, without neglecting the user’s health and defense. Due to its particular formulation, OXIFER is so versatile that it can be applied in numerous application fields, as for example, houses and cars, metal and mechanical carpentry, industry and industrial maintenance. OXIFER is a practical product and cleaning tools (brushes, airless) is very easy: generously wash them with water after use and before the product has dried.




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