Oil, Gas & Power

Hawk Energy LLC has been specialized in providing solutions to the Oil, Gas & Power sectors in the region for the past 12 years.  We have partnered with some of the most renowned providers worldwide to bring to the region the best solutions which have proved to also be cost effective and highly enhance performance.  Our main partner in this domain is MI-SWACO, a business unit of Schulmberger.

We already have a proven track record in the region as we have offered our solutions to the leading players in the oil, gas & power sectors.  Our clients include EMAL, RAK GAS, DUBAL, EXTERRAN, CHEVRON, SAUDI ARAMCO & AFGHANISTAN GAS.

Our solutions are

  1. SULFATREAT / Purification Solutions
  2. Flare Gathering
  3. Gas Metering
  4. Rig Supply
  5. Oil Production Enhancement
  6. Pipeline Remote Control Monitoring
  7. System & Corrosion Protection
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