N2 Removal

Hawk Energy offers small skid mounted NRU (Nitrogen Rejection Units). Hawk Energy design customized skid mounted systems often referred as “Plug and Play” systems. The beauty of these units is that it can be shifted to new locations after the abandonment of the field. From the desert to the snow, from small to medium to large scale, from standardized to customized builds, our professionals develop engineering solutions that operate reliably and cost-effectively under all conditions.  Hawk Energy is pleased to provide the NRU using proprietary “Pressure Swing Adsorption” unit with adsorbent design. The market need for N2 removal is well recognized knowing the Nitrogen decreases the heating value of Natural Gas. Typically, all pipeline specifications do not allow for more than 3-4% Nitrogen in the natural gas to avoid transport and storage problems. Hence it is paramount to remove Nitrogen from the natural gas streams for the better quality and sales of the gas.

Nitrogen is selectively adsorbed and removed from the feed gas as the gas passes through a fixed bed of sorbent. The adsorption takes place at the feed gas inlet pressure and upgraded product gas is returned to the customer with only the slight pressure drop across the sorbent bed. Before the sorbent is saturated with Nitrogen, the feed gas is switched to a fresh sorbent bed to ensure a constant flow of feed and product gas to and from the system. The product gas exits the system through the product gas accumulator which provides a surge capacity of product gas from the system to ensure smooth, steady-state product gas flow without any significant pressure or flow fluctuations. The vessel cycle sequence will be automatically controlled by an integrated control system (PLC). Gas flows will be directed through the system with a series of pneumatically actuated valves. The steps of the cycle will be based on time. Each step will be assigned a pre-determined time.


  • Selectively removes Nitrogen through proprietary PSA technology

  • Compatible with almost any ratio of nitrogen and methane

  • Very high recovery rates for Hydrocarbon (>95% methane)

  • Skid mounted systems – Robust and Scalable

  • Proprietary technology offers flexibility; stage wise design

  • Minimal greenhouse gas emissions