COMOS Automation

COMOS Process: Highest consistency for process plant engineering

Electrical, instrumentation and control engineering as well as the automation of processes represent important parts of plant engineering and may comprise of a large amount of data. The safe and reliable transfer of this data necessitates optimum integration of the individual disciplines.

This is where COMOS Automation comes in as the ideal software solution as it guarantees seamless data consistency from the electrical engineering right down to the full automation of complete systems. With COMOS EI&C, COMOS Fluidics and COMOS Logical, all areas of EI&C technology, control technology, fluidics, function planning and automation are covered and optimally interlinked.

This facilitates consistently controlled bidirectional data flows between the individual disciplines. Also optimum interlinking with the COMOS Process and COMOS Operations modules is ensured. This results in improved quality, minimized expenditures and increased productivity.

Business Benefits with COMOS Automation: Seamless and reliable data exchange across software and hardware boundaries

Customer Benefits:

  • Latest step in the engineering evolution: Intelligent, interconnected documentation across drawings, lists, datasheets
  • Take-over of needed data from existing P&ID (but also independently working, no need to manually enter data again)
  • Electrical, Instrumentation and Control detailed engineering capabilities
  • Natural data exchange between all disciplines
  • Natural change management and change notification
  • Avoidance of data inconsistencies between drawings, lists, datasheets of the different disciplines
  • No need of consistency checks and unnecessary manual data input
  • Minimized engineering efforts and time  

COMOS EI&C – Seamless transfer from process to EI&C engineering

Electrical, instrumentation and control technology represents an important part of system planning because the majority of electrical and electronic devices include I&C-relevant components. The representation of EI&C processes requires optimum networking with the process technology to allow for maximum accuracy and expedited planning.

COMOS EI&C represents a software solution which details and specifies all functional EI&C data that was schematically described during process planning. This is optimized by the seamless connection to upstream process engineering. Seamless transition between basic and detailed engineering is also ensured within the EI&C phase, facilitating reliable data transfer over all levels. All tasks in the field of devices and signals are included, as well as detailed field planning tasks.

COMOS Logical – Integrated function planning

In an ever-increasing competitive market, engineering time has to be optimized. These efforts effect configuration within the scope of functional planning. The reduced project runtimes result in the planning phases’ shifting and overlapping.
As a result, function planning, which is usually carried out towards the project‘s end, often has to be implemented with incomplete information. This faulty information frequently has to be corrected. The changed framework conditions thus necessitate iterations for planning quality assurance. By using COMOS for integrated planning, these redundant cycles are effectively minimized.

COMOS Logical represents the ideal software solution for the graphical creation of function plans and sequences in accordance with applicable standards. The seamless information flow in COMOS facilitates planning on the basis of already defined signals. Changes can be tracked and implemented more rapidly and fault potentials are extensively minimized.

COMOS Fluidics – Efficient fluid-specific engineering

The area of fluidics, comprising hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling and lubrication, is often not defined as an independent discipline in the engineering process, but is assigned to mechanical or electrical engineering disciplines. Correspondingly, software solutions which are not matched to this discipline and which fail to meet the specific requirements are frequently employed for fluidics data entry and plan creation. This leads to complicated and inefficient workflows as well as high time and cost expenditures.

COMOS Fluidics represents a software solution specifically developed for this discipline which supports and optimally represents all planning processes pertaining to fluidics. It facilitates integrated mechatronics planning through the seamless interlinking of fluidics and EI&C technology. The COMOS functionalities ensure considerably minimized efforts, enhanced accuracy and reduced time expenditures for the fluidics discipline.