Services offered by Hawk Energy ATS

Hawk Energy is a full Service provider for the State-of-the-Art Software and Hardware solutions provided to its customers. From the products, installation, best use and process consulting over to implementation, training and support are provided by our experienced specialists.

Consulting: It is often difficult to set aside time to look at such opportunities that exist within a working system of an organization and is therefore more cost-effective to get access to the specialists available with Hawk Energy ATS. Our organization can provide consultancy services consisting of high-quality specialists in their area of expertise, to benefit the clients with a higher understanding of business processes and methodologies and to adapt the best practices for an efficient and highly productive working environment.

Some examples of typical consulting services we may offer to our clients:

  • Workshops, meetings to review business processes and share industry best practices with the customer
  • Suggest optimized processes and solutions for clients to help achieve higher efficiency and productivity

Implementation: Preparation of business processes, workflows and best practices of an organization is a must to implement a new business critical system within an organization. We at Hawk Energy ATS continuously strive to help our clients to have the client’s best processes and workflows made available to them with the new systems’ installation.

Some typical examples of implementation services we may offer our clients:

  • Develop and implement automation routines
  • Develop and implement business processes and organizational workflows within our systems
  • Adapt available standard documents (drawings, lists datasheets, etc.) to the special customer requirements

Training: With its highly qualified specialists, Hawk Energy ATS provides; learning solutions for all our client’s staff, be it a first time user or an advanced level user; our requirement-oriented training courses provide substantial support in achieving your learning success.

Some of the training courses we offer our clients

  • Basic user trainings
  • Advanced user trainings
  • Admin user trainings

Support: Hawk Energy’s specialists have years of experience in our solutions offered for fast and practical solutions to your daily challenges. Additionally, our global network to similar organizations as well as to the original solution development companies; is capable in providing answers to the toughest challenges within a short timeframe.  
All our solutions are locally supported from our organization for the Middle East region when subscribing to a Maintenance plan

  • By phone
  • Electronically and
  • Personally at the customer’s premises

Also, regular software upgrades including new functionalities are part of the Maintenance plan and our support activities.