COMOS Operations

COMOS Operations: Professional plant management for efficient operations

The operation and maintenance phase of a plant lasts considerably longer than the preceding engineering phase and therefore requires more resources.

Different disciplines and departments that often work with different, isolated applications are involved in service and maintenance. Such isolated solutions result in increased difficulties in communication between all parties involved as well as the time-consuming and elaborate integration of maintenance and safety aspects. This approach entails a lot of administrative work and the need for many specialists. Data maintenance is very time-consuming and labor-intensive due to redundant information and a lack of clarity and comprehensibility.

COMOS Operations is the ideal solution: Operation and maintenance can be executed on one system without media breaks due to the standardized COMOS database. The unique advantage of the innovative COMOS software solution concept is also the seamless transition and the consistent data flow between the COMOS engineering solutions and plant operation with COMOS Operations. Thus engineering and operation stay fully connected and all employees involved in the plant work with consistent data.

Business Benefits with COMOS Operations: An efficient plant support strategy for high plant availability, minimizing risks and costs.

Customer benefits:

  • Intelligent, interconnected documentation across drawings, lists, datasheets, maintenance, Inspection plans
  • Cost effective and effortless document and data take-over from the engineering phase (no manual scanning, redrawing necessary)
  • Operations can be planned based on existing intelligent engineering documentation by just adding operations data like maintenance plans
  • Streamlined automation of maintenance and Inspection tasks
  • Direct and fast feed-back of Maintenance and Inspection data
  • Historical findings data analysis
  • Periodic, preventive, risk based maintenance capabilities  

COMOS MRO – Targeted service and maintenance management

While a plant is running, all devices and machines have to operate without problems to avoid expensive production downtimes or even personal injuries. COMOS MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) encompasses the complete management, engineering and organization of operation and maintenance, including plant documentation, all in one system. You always have access to the latest engineering data in COMOS. This means that any changes to the plant due to service and maintenance processes are immediately available in the engineering data.
The intuitive application of COMOS MRO makes for comprehensive, clear and redundancy-free processing. The time spent on secondary tasks, which take up more than half of the entire working time, is drastically reduced, making it possible to focus more on the important main tasks. COMOS MRO increases your plant operating times while lowering costs at the same time.

COMOS Shutdown – Efficient planning and safe execution of plant shutdowns

For some industries, large-scale maintenance of the plant or several components is necessary in a very short and limited period of time. The plant is usually shut down completely for a short time so that the units in the plant can be checked and serviced. Such a process requires detailed and comprehensive planning. All eventualities must be taken into consideration, because each day without production is expensive; deviations from the plan are virtually impossible and the process has to run very smoothly. This requires a lot of coordination between all disciplines and departments involved in the process.

If operation and maintenance of the plant takes place in different systems, communication is extremely difficult and time-consuming. With COMOS Shutdown, the plant operation and maintenance functions all reside on one system. This means all phases of the plant shutdown are processed in one system. It ensures everyone involved in these activities always has access to the latest data.

COMOS Portable & Direct – Direct feedback on-site

The shutdown and all of the maintenance work associated with it are supported by COMOS Portable & Direct. This optimized application for feedback of maintenance data makes messages regarding the immediate status of maintenance tasks available to planners. This means that the planners always have a good overview of the entire situation and can respond to any difficulties quickly and in an appropriate manner. COMOS Portable enables easy input using a mobile device. COMOS Direct is available on a terminal station in the plant. Feedback is entered directly into the system. This approach drastically reduces the risk of errors as well as the expenditure of time and workload compared to a paper-based method.

COMOS Portable – the mobile feedback: COMOS Portable is the ideal solution for maintenance work on the plant premises. Maintenance orders can be conveniently downloaded to the handheld device, such as a PDA or smart phone, and are available to the respective employee anywhere and at any time. This makes it un-necessary for users to copy down the tasks and it allows them to work un-tethered. Using an RFID chip, the equipment is scanned and identified on-site with the portable device. Once maintenance is complete, the steps are entered into the handheld device. There are no additional steps, which makes the feedback process from the field easier and more secure.
COMOS Direct – central feedback on the touch screen: COMOS Direct is designed for central feedback in the workshop or in the field. Each technician is equipped with a card reader and a barcode scanner for uncomplicated login and identification. Due to the exact assignment of the maintenance object to the respective technician, the terminal interface displays only the current task to be processed. Entries regarding time, material and maintenance can be made directly using the touch screen.

COMOS Inspection – Simple, non-destructive material testing

Regular inspection of devices and machines in a plant is the prerequisite for efficient production as well as high safety and quality standards.

COMOS Inspection enables simple, non-destructive material testing in perfect interaction with other COMOS applications. You can use COMOS Inspection to precisely determine and specify the inspection points for the scheduled measurements with the help of COMOS Isometrics. These inspection points can be scheduled to be inspected at the same intervals as used by COMOS MRO, which makes for an optimized inspection process. This prevents covering unnecessary distances and means that measurements are implemented in a timely manner.

The measurements may be made on-site with mobile ultrasound or x-ray devices and the components are inspected at the specified inspection points for erosion, corrosion and condition of the welding seams. The measured values are fed directly into the COMOS system by the mobile measuring devices via an interface.

The complete data is automatically analyzed in COMOS, but measurements of individual inspection points can also be combined and compared. Based on the analysis done on prior inspections, COMOS projects component conditions. This provides a detailed overview of the service life of the individual components and gives you an idea of when a certain component may have to be replaced.

This data can be integrated into all applications and represented in the different document types in COMOS.

COMOS PQM – Structured project and plant documentation

The operation of a plant requires numerous documents which are very important for information brokering, tracking and quality control. Apart from the documents created by COMOS, you also need certain external documents, such as device specifications from the manufacturer, communication with customers, old inventory documents of other software suppliers, etc. There is no need, however, to fully integrate these documents, as they do not have to be edited in the COMOS applications.

Nevertheless, structured and simple management of the documents is required in order to be able to access external documents quickly.

COMOS PQM (Project Quality Management) enables complete technical mapping of the plant in one database. External documents including metadata are attached to the objects on the basis of object orientation.