COMOS Platform

COMOS Platform: Worldwide data exchange for effective plant management

The COMOS Platform software concept lays the foundation for effective data management and optimum application networking across the full lifecycle of a plant or machine.

The COMOS Basic, COMOS Enterprise Server, and COMOS View/WebView solutions provide innovative and service-oriented technologies for optimizing all aspects of plant management – from engineering to operation.

COMOS Platform is the basis for worldwide collaboration across locations of all employees involved in the engineering and operation of a plant. Plant engineering becomes more efficient and boosts your company’s competitiveness.

Business benefits with COMOS Platform: A unified database for company-wide data flow without data loss or inconsistencies allowing plant and process optimization.
Customer benefits:

  • One database for all drawings and related documents
  • Reduces time for manual data entries and consistency checks between several, existing systems like ERP, Calculation-, Maintenance-, Document Management- systems
  • Therefore minimizes sources of errors and the time to market
  • Enables accuracy of ‘as built’ data and on time project delivery

COMOS Basic – The secure basis for all engineering phases

For effective plant management, the collaboration between the various disciplines and departments in all engineering phases is an ongoing activity. This requirement is increasingly important in the course of globalization: Workflows become much more difficult due to international projects and worldwide locations.

To maintain a competitive edge, highly efficient engineering processes are indispensable. Integrated, consistent data management throughout the entire plant lifecycle and across countries and locations is essential for creating the preconditions for optimum engineering processes.

With COMOS Basic, we offer you an object-oriented, database-neutral software basis for cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental plant management, whose functions will help shorten your development times and implement an efficient workflow.

COMOS Enterprise Server – Future-proof data management

In the age of globalization, resources from various disciplines that are situated in different parts of the world can work on one plant project. Often different types of software applications from different vendors are used in these projects. Enormous amounts of data and information must be exchanged every day. Providing each project participant with access to all of the relevant information at any time and at any location poses an immense challenge for plant management.

The COMOS Enterprise Server makes all data required for plant management available in one central location. Project participants from different departments can automatically access data of other disciplines and departments using the COMOS Enterprise Server. Engineering data from COMOS is accessible to users of other software applications, without them having to possess COMOS knowledge or a COMOS license on their work station. Vice versa COMOS Enterprise Server allows adapting data from external applications, such as an ERP system, and transferring this information for engineering with COMOS.

COMOS View/WebView – Secure information portal for all users

Technical plant engineering is extremely complex and requires work to be carried out by experts with the appropriate technical background. But persons without technical background also need access to important data and documents of an industrial plant. In addition, engineers involved in a plant engineering project must frequently view data on site at the construction location without processing these data directly.

COMOS View/WebView provides users with navigable visualization of all structures, object properties, documents, and data. A search mask allows entry of individual search queries to easily obtain the required information. COMOS View is applied in the company‘s own network. The software guarantees a fast search for secure information.

COMOS View users can be easily integrated into workflows and can, for example, release revisions. Thus, a company-wide information portal can be set up that shortens and optimizes engineering processes through fast communication.

With COMOS WebView, plant information can also be viewed outside of the company‘s own network. The web-server-based module provides access to all information via the Internet. It emphasizes simple views of plant data using common standards, and facilitates access even for participants without technical know-how. The only requirements for rights-based access to COMOS data are an Internet connection and Microsoft Internet Explorer.