COMOS Walkinside Builder

COMOS Walkinside Builder – Creating a complete 3D virtual model of a plant

The Walkinside suite of applications includes a Virtual Reality Builder which automatically creates complete 3D virtual model of large industrial assets, in the Oil & Gas, Process, Energy, Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC) markets including topside and subsea facilities, merging native files from diverse data sources and proprietary formats without creating additional data base.

This process addresses the requirement to construct a unified model from 3D CAD geometry data, having different formats, units and coordinate systems for all the individual components of the asset as well as its associated engineering information, delivered to EPC and Owner Operators by the various systems they use.

The COMOS Walkinside Builder automatically and rapidly converts commonly used 3D CAD design formats into interactive 3D walkthroughs, typically in less than 10 minutes for models up to 500 MB file size. Thanks to this advanced technology, customers do not need to simplify their 3D CAD model or to rebuild a new simplified model from scratch using specialized tools. Initial 3D model creation and subsequent updates are easily, rapidly and conveniently executed, using the Walkinside converters available in the Builder packages. Walkinside supports textured elements and transparencies-seamlessly converted. Some of these converters are stand-alone converters directly reading the native CAD file types and performing the conversion without requiring the CAD application loaded.

The Walkinside Generic Builder converts 3D CAD files to Walkinside Virtual Reality Models that can be opened with the Walkinside Generic Viewer and the Walkinside PreView. The main formats supported by the Walkinside Generic Builder are:

  • AutoCAD, MicroStation (with textures) and 3ds Max (with textures),
  • PDMS Format,
  • PDS Format
  • SolidWorks
  • XMpLant

Benefits of COMOS Walkinside Builder

  • Easy to use, giving highly realistic visualizations of complex 3D CAD models
  • Fast and convenient creation of 3D VR models with a unique and efficient handling of largest data volumes