IT / Security solutions

Hawk Energy Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) is dedicated to deliver latest Software and Hardware products and solutions for the process industry. Including our customer oriented full service, support and implementations ATS helps our clients to streamline operations and optimize their engineering.

Hawk Energy Advanced Technology Solutions’ commitment is to help Operating companies, EPCs as well as Engineering companies to make the best out of their existing workforce and data. Our specialists adopt the industry proven cutting edge solution portfolio to each customer’s requirements helping them to maximize their turnover and margin.
The solution portfolio of COMOS®, Walkinside® and UBIK®

  • maximize and optimize the use of existing data
  • minimize manual data input and time consuming interactions
  • enable error free intelligent, consistent documentation
  • help managers to reach fast and facts based, accurate decisions
  • facilitate safe and outage free production


With its unified data platform, the integrated software solution COMOS provides plant design engineers, plant operating personnel, company management and solution partners with a continuous flow of data that meet their specific needs across all project phases.

COMOS Walkinside®

Using intelligent 3D models; makes plant engineering and operation safer and more efficient. COMOS Walkinside is a powerful 3D virtual reality visualization software solution which directly accesses all plant information to display the current status of a plant in visually appealing, realistic 3D graphics.


UBIK® is a comprehensive solution for enabling Augmented Reality in industrial environments. The forceful application of this concept allows the channeling of complex and over-burdening data, by providing it simplified, location- and role-based.